About Us

Toshali Tours is a privately managed tours and travel company having their resorts in most of the prime tourist destinations of India. We ease out all the hassles of your tour and transform it into an experience full of comforts and lavish hospitality. Our chain of resorts offers inexplicable luxuries. Our holiday destination covers the likes of all age groups and matches with the interest of all. We have tour for religious places like Viashno Devi and Puri for the devotees, while for adventurers we take them to the rocky mountains of Himalayas or uneven terrains of the rock beds. The nature lovers get pleased with our resort at Shimla Chail highway amidst the aroma of the pines and oaks while the honeymooners can relax in the arms of the waves in their own private beach at our resort which is at Konarak marine drive.

Toshali Tours manages every minute aspects of your travel and becomes a part of your trip by getting associated from the start. We help you plan your itinerary and enable you to book the best accommodation. Whether you are a frequent traveler or packing your bags for the first time, we render our service till you reach back your home joyfully and safely only to plan your next trip with Toshali Tours soon!

TWe take you to the mystifying Himalayas on North and introduce you with the exquisite back water lagoons in the south, while the nature unfolds its deep hidden beauties in form of the Lakshwadeep Islands, the tea gardens in Darjeeling makes you explore a different world. While you come to know the manifolds of Indian culture, when you select Toshali for your tours, you understand the animal kingdom by being close to them. Our Ayurvedic tours take you through the therapies and treatments that have been prevailing in our country since from the beginning of the civilizations, a unique form of healing which is India’s gift to the world. The centers of Ayurvedic treatments gaining a mastery over the art, discharges a bundle of positive vibes and energies within your soul and mind. 

We offer car rental services to enable you to plan the tour your way. We provide all the required downloads regarding the sight seeing, excursions, places of tourist interest and shopping destinations to help you move in the correct direction. 

We through wildlife Odisha(Orissa), aim at introducing you with the pulsating wildlife of Odisha(Orissa), with its national parks, sanctuaries and the wildlife reserves. We have tried explaining the prime attractions of these wildlife homes, we tried exposing you with the flora and fauna of the region, the contributions these sanctuaries are making towards safeguarding the life of the endangered and rare species and tried focusing the towards the immense contribution of these protected reserve towards the preservation of the ecosystems and biological balance of the region. We also tried giving you a glimpse of the nature’s blessings in forms of waterfalls, rivers, estuaries and creeks that are available in abundance in Odisha(Orissa) and are an incredible part of the wildlife.

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