Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Belghar Sanctuary is located in the eastern Indian state of Odisha(Orissa). The sanctuary is situated in Belghar, about 158 kms away from the city of Phulbani. The sanctuary covers a huge area of 16, 174, 46 acres and is located in the district of Kandhamal. The area is situated at an altitude of 2255 feet above the sea level. Out of the total area, the cultivated area is 3876.44 Acres and the rest area is reserved forest and others. The sanctuary is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna species, out of which, the Wild Elephants are probably the most notable species. The area is also inhabited by a variety of tribal communities. 

The Belghar Sanctuary is located in Tropical deciduous forest belt. It boasts a wide collection of plant species, out of which, some are considered rare and unique. Most of the plant species in the sanctuary tend to shed their leaves during the spring time. The trees in the sanctuary can rise to great heights. The plant species found in this sanctuary have both medicinal and commercial values. Apart from the rich flora species, the Belghar Sanctuary also provides natural habitat to a large variety of mammal fauna species. The Wild Elephants are one of the most important mammal species found in the sanctuary. These masculine wild tuskers were used by the erstwhile kings in battlefields. They were also being used to transport wooden trunks, and many other things. They are considered as most valuable assets of the woodland.

Flora and Fauna in Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary

Housing a wide array of flora and fauna, Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha(Orissa) is a favorite tourist destination for common travelers and avid nature lovers alike. You shall be enamored by the captivating beauty of its natural inhabitants. 

The thick forest is home to a number of rare and endangered species of animals and plants. The pride of the forest however are the long tusked wild elephants that abound in plenty in the region.

The natural vegetation of Belghar Sanctuary comprises of the thick wooded trees that rise to great heights. The tusks of the wild animals are often used to carry the heavy trunks of the trees that are felled in the region. The fauna of Belghar Sanctuary comprises of small herbivores like the deer. A variety of aves are also found in the forests of Belghar Sanctuary.

The region is inhabited by the tribal people known as the Dogria Khond. The tribal folks practice shifting agriculture and also use the products yielded by the forests. The local drink of the tribal people is prepared by mixing the juice extracted from salap and dead palm.

Advertise with us. Major Wildlife Attractions - Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary Besides the Wild Elephants, many other smaller mammal species like Deers are also found. The sanctuary is home to several bird species, as well.

Best Time To Visit

October to May.

How To Reach Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary

By Air

The nearest airport to Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary is Bhunabeswar.

By Train

The nearest railway station is the Phulbani 158 Kilometers.

By Road

The Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary is well connected to major cities of Odisha(Orissa).

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