Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary

Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary vividly illustrates the diverse natural heritage of the east Indian state of Odisha(Orissa). The paradisaical sanctuary is a nature lover's dream and the variety and splendor of the wildlife and nature's bounty accentuates the state's panoramic rhapsodies. Consequently, the Odisha(Orissa) wildlife tours are a rage with the tourists.

The Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary is sited at a distance of 50 km from Sambhalpur town in the namesake Sambalpur District's Rairakhol sub division. The moderately sized sanctuary encompasses an area of 116 sq. km and is enveloped by the tropical dry and moist deciduous forests.

The secluded enclaves of the Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary is the home of several variegated species of wildlife. Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary's pride rests in the tigers, elephants, bison, deer, sambar, spotted deer, mouse deer, barking deer, wild dogs as well as numerous other species of wild animals.

Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary is a bird lover and an ornithologist's dream come true. The bird watchers stay enshrouded in one of the sequestered corners of the sanctuary and watch the pea fowls, horn bills are well a host of other birds, dappled in vibrantly colored plumes twitter merrily and go about their routine work with clockwork punctuality. Entomologists and reptile specialists also have a merry time watching the moves of the insects and reptiles.

The rolling landscape of the sanctuary whose elevation ranges from 223 m to 750 m above sea level is enveloped in dense foliage. The oasis of idyllic green that is easily accessible from Sambhalpur exudes a scenic beauty and magical charm that cannot be expounded by mere words.

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