Nandankanan National Park

Nandan Kanan National Park is at distance of 20 kms from the temple city of Bhubaneshwar which is also the capital of Odisha(Orissa). Located on the banks of Kanjia River, this national park boasts to be the largest tiger safari of India. The unique park for nocturnal animals, the botanical garden and the reptile park all amalgamates together to justify the literal meaning of the park which means the garden of pleasures. 

magazine after a wild tigress has wandered into the protected enclosures meant for the tigers and stayed there by choice. The act was astonishing in itself as the wide believed theory was that these royals of the wilds will not prefer staying within the fences. This led to the emergence of the Nandan Kanan national park. The park today proudly flaunts its white tiger population infront of the visitor which has now reached to 34. These rarest species once facing the threat of extinction were saved because of the extensive research and studies conducted by the zoo authorities. The ray of hope and waves of celebrations have engulfed Nandan Kanan when the successful mating of Deepak and Ganga, two normal twany tiger and tigress has resulted to the birth of 1st three white tiger cubs. This national park also boasts to be the 1st captive breeding centre for gharials in the country. It is also the first Indian zoo to carry out the breeding for pangolins. 

Wildlife Attractions in Nandan Kanan National Park

The Flora

The park is spread amidst the Chandaka forest of Odisha(Orissa). The botanical garden of the park houses many exotic and resident species of flora. The glass house meant for the indoor plants like Aglaonema and calathea, the cacti house for the cacti and succulents, 400 numbers of Bonsai, the nursery and the medicinal, Japanese and landscape gardens make it a favorite destination for tourists. The orchid house is spread over 460 sq meters and has around 130 species of orchid blooms in this garden.

The Fauna

The endangers species of Asiatic lions, 3 Indian crocodilians, Sangal lion-tailed macaque, mouse deer, Indian pangolin, and Nilgiri Langurs are the prominent mammals of the park. The park also supports a huge volume of aquatic population. The 34 aquaria of the zoo is the home for many fresh water fishes. The reptile park is the habitat for many snakes, lizards, turtles and crocodiles.

There is a separate Reptile-park in the zoo, which is dedicated to conservation of reptiles. A botanical garden is also in the compound of the zoo.

The adopt an animal programme along with the boating, tiger and lion safari, nocturnal animal house, cable car, reptile park and the ropeway makes it a paradise for the visitors.

Getting There

The park can be visited all through the year. Its proximity to the state capital Bhubaneshwar makes it easily accessible by road, rail and air. 

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