Odisha(Orissa) Travel Tips

Odisha(Orissa) Travel Tips:-Orissa Travel Guide is vivid and offers you amazing sightseeing and a visit to marvelous religious monuments. Go for Odisha Travel Booking for a lifetime experiencePeople of Odisha(Orissa) are very friendly and known for rendering helpful supports to the tourists but we bring in here some of the tips which you must follow to keep your tour happy and enjoyable:-

  • Book your hotel in advance and if you fail to do so check in only in those hotels which are registered with department of Tourism India or Odisha(Orissa).
  • Prefer packaged drinking water all through your travel or water from some reliable sources.
  • Don’t offer/accept any food or drinking items to/from any strangers.
  • Choose guest houses / hotels which are registered with the Department of Tourism in India, Odisha(Orissa).
  • Don’t forget to bring your government authorized photo identity proof like pancard.
  • Plan your vacation in advance and jot down the important places of your interest.
  • If you wish to get accommodation in any of the forest guest houses take prior approval in advance from the authorities, as they might not be available in a short notice.
  • Select one of the cities as the base for your night halt and visit all the nearby tourist destinations.
  • Buy items from the shops recognized by government of Odisha(Orissa).
  • Don’t encourage beggars.
  • Carry your sunglasses, sunscreen lotions, hats apart from your first aid box.
  • Hire taxis or cabs from authorized services and while using public transport ensure it has got the necessary permits.
  • Don’t accept lift from strangers.
  • Take prior approval of the required authorities while entering the wildlife sanctuaries and parks
  • Buy the entry tickets wherever applicable.
  • Check the climate of Odisha(Orissa) at the time of your visit and keep your clothes accordingly.
  • Do not buy any items made up of using any parts of the endangered species.
  • Do not buy any items made up of using any parts of the endangered species.
  • Take prior permission before photographing the restricted places like railway station.
  • Show respect towards the place you have come to visit and try to adhere the local customs specially while visiting the places of worship.
  • Don’t write or scratch on the walls of the monuments. Strictly avoid writing your names or any such information on these historical properties.
  • Prefer using bio degradable substance while you are inside a park or wildlife sanctuary. Use dustbins for throwing your garbage.
  • Remember some of the important phone numbers like police control room -100, ambulance – 101 and fire station – 101.

Health Tips for Odisha(Orissa) Travel

Staying healthy is something which we want the most during our vacations. Falling ill, and getting the vacations ruined is something none of us would prefer, especially when our trip is meant for Odisha(Orissa)

Health Precautions

  • Mosquitoes are common in the forests of Odisha(Orissa), so if you plan to visit the wildlife carry your mosquito repellant or nets along with you. Apply the lotions or cream the keep mosquitoes away all through your body when you venture out.
  • The dry forests of Odisha(Orissa) pose a great threat for Diarrhea amongst the tourists. Drink lots of water and carry water bottles all through your tour and avoid eating any food which is uncooked or unhygienic.
  • Avoid the tempting roadside food items.
  • Buy only packaged or foods from some hygienic and reliable sources. The milk and milk products should be packaged and pasteurized.

Safety Tips

  • Don’t trust any strangers
  • Do some research about the place you are planning to visit. Don’t rely too much on the auto rickshaw or taxi drivers.
  • Prefer going out after dark especially if you are alone and a woman.
  • Don’t carry too many of your valuable items and don’t carry too much of cash with you at a time.
  • Keep your important documents like tickets and passports safely and locked.
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