Wildlife Safari Odisha(Orissa) India


Wildlife tiger safari in Orissa takes you to the world of wild kingdom. It provides a close exposure on the life of the wilds. Instead of seeing them in any captivity, a tiger safari tours india takes you to their natural habitat where you can see them performing their routine activities. The abundance of wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife national parks in Odisha(Orissa), India has increased the scope of safaris in the state. An elephant ride is the most preferable way of sighting the wildlife adventures but a glimpse of the predators from the window panes of a jeep or a private vehicle are also strong enough to send shivers down your spine.

Nandankanan which literally means the garden of pleasures is definite of transforming your experience of seeing the wilds into a mystifying and mesmerizing wonder. Located at a mere distance of 20 kms from the capital city of Bhubaneshwar Nandankanan is a wildlife sanctuary, a botanical garden and a zoo. It comes under the Chandaka Forest range in Odisha(Orissa).

The prime attractions of Nandankanan are the white tigers, Asiatic lions, Gharials and Black Panthers. The research on the mating processes of the endangered species in Nandankanan has resulted in successful breeding of Sangai tailed macaque, Indian Pangolin, 3 Indian crocodilians and mouse deer. The sanctuary is the home for 54 species of birds, 42 species of mammals and 26 species of reptiles.

The park is known for its white tiger population. It was in 1980 when three litters of white tigers were born to Deepak and Ganga, a normal twany father daughter duo. The genes of white tigers were present in the couple. The studies and research further carried out on these rarest species of tigers has led to successful mating of many since then. The park today has 34 of these species and has sent numerous white tiger cubs to many zoos and sanctuaries in the world. The zoo also boasts a substantial lion population which is around 28 today. A part of these kings of the jungles are there in captivity while rest is roaming freely in the protected areas of the sanctuary.

The tiger safari of Nandankanan takes you to the world of these royal beasts. Catching the pug marks of the white tigers or the ethnic Indian Royal Bengal Tigers is an activity full of adventure. The abundance of the tigers in the national park ensures that you catch a glimpse of them before finally saying goodbye to the woods. The jeeps of the forest department take you very close to these animals. These vehicles are designed in a manner to avoid any attacks from these predators, but you still might freeze with fear seeing a giant tiger near your covered window panes !!!


The Lion safari introduces you to the kingdom of the ruler of the jungles. These wild beasts can be seen in their groups with a male lion and many female lioness and their cubs.


Simlipal has derived its name from the red silk cotton trees available in surplus in these jungles. Simlipal is a Biosphere reserve, a sanctuary and a national park. The park is known for the population of Royal Bengal Tigers and wild Asiatic Elephants. The other prominent animals of the sanctuary are leopards, sambars, langurs, deer, gaur (Indian bison), elephants, antelopes, chital, chevrotains, wild dog, wild boar, sloth bears, monkeys, hyenas and porcupines, while red jungle fowl, hill myna, peafowl, alexandrine parakeet, crested serpent eagle, gray hornbill, Indian pied hornbill, Malabar pied hornbill and Indian trogon are the important avian of the sanctuary.

A trip on the forest jeeps brings you to the natural habitat of these wonderful creatures. The view of the herd of elephants or the royal Bengal tigers relaxing under a tree after a hunting expedition will add inexplicable moments to your memorabilia.

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